Micronutrition for the Weight Loss Surgery Patient

Micronutrition for the Weight Loss Surgery Patient

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Author: Jacqueline Jacques, ND

Synopsis: Softbound, 148 pages. Nutritional medicine is really a specialty unto itself, and few physicians today are properly prepared to manage complex cases such as those that may present in weight loss surgery patients. Unmonitored nutritional deficiencies can leave weight loss surgery patients vulnerable to both acute and chronic conditions with variably reversible to permanent physical damage. This book is intended to offer a practical manual for prevention, diagnosis, and treatment for surgeons, primary care physicians, dietitians, and others caring for weight loss surgery patients. Clinicians using this book should ultimately find themselves better equipped to make educated decisions regarding nutritional management of their weight loss surgery patients.

About the Author: Jacqueline Jacques, ND, is a Naturopathic Doctor with more than a decade of expertise in medical nutrition. Dr. Jacques has spent much of her career in the dietary supplement industry as a formulator, speaker, writer, and educator. She is the Chief Science Officer for Catalina Lifesciences LLC, a company dedicated to providing the best of nutritional care to weight loss surgery patients.

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