More than Medication: Incorporating Psychotherapy into Community Psychiatry Appointments

TEXTBOOK: More than Medication: Incorporating Psychotherapy  into Community Psychiatry Appointments

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Editors: Paulette M. Gillig, MD, PhD, and Ann K. Morrison, MD

Synopsis: Softbound, 156 pages. This book addresses one of the major issues of community psychiatric practice—how to incorporate psychotherapy into the standard 15- to 30-minute appointment. Whether struggling with dual diagnosis or schizophrenia, a personality disorder or a mood disorder, posttraumatic stress disorder or death and dying bereavement issues, psychotherapy often is as integral a part of the patient’s mental health as the prescribed medication. With contributions from psychotherapy experts across the field of psychiatry and through case examples, Drs. Gillig and Morrison share with the reader how to incorporate psychotherapy into psychiatric patient treatment plans, no matter what the diagnosis.

About the Editors:

Paulette Marie Gillig, MD, PhD (Professor of Psychiatry, Wright State University), was Chief Clinical Officer for a mental health and substance abuse services multicounty rural board for 15 years and has held staff, consulting, and medical director positions in many rural and urban settings. Most recently she developed a state-rural-academic partnership program for training psychiatric residents in underserved locations. She has written extensively about these community-based clinical programs and the clinical research that has been carried out at these sites. She has written many of the seminal articles that helped to develop the field of community psychiatry over the last several decades, covering topics such as evidence-based treatment for emergency psychiatry patients, the use of “holding areas,” mobile crisis and outreach services, SAMI housing programs, peer review, and most recently, rural community psychiatry programs.

Ann K. Morrison, MD (Associate Professor and Director of Community Psychiatry, Wright State University), coordinates the community psychiatry training for psychiatric residents where she is also the Ohio Department of Mental Health Public Psychiatry Professor. She has practiced for nearly 20 years in a variety of community mental health settings in Ohio since completing residency and medical school at the University of Wisconsin. These clinical sites have included comprehensive community mental health centers providing both inpatient and outpatient care, a PACT team, and a clinic for homeless individuals. She was the original psychiatric consultant to specialty outpatient programs for geriatric patients and for people with both intellectual disability and mental illness. She was involved in both program development and clinical care in these clinics.


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