The Neuroscience Report—Vol. 20 (September 14, 2015): Pain

| September 17, 2015

The latest in neuroscience—sorted and summarized for you

Welcome to The Neuroscience Report where each week we will highlight a specific topic in neuroscience and provide you with links to 5 journal articles, 5 news articles, and 5 wildcard picks. Brought to you by Innovations in Clinical Neuroscience—your source for peer-reviewed, evidence-based information.

This Week’s Topic: Pain

Journal Articles

Chronic Pain Syndromes and Borderline Personality

Why Psychotherapy Helps the Patient in Chronic Pain

Herpes Zoster and Postherpetic Neuralgia: An Examination of Psychological Antecedents

A Novel Quantitative Pain Assessment Instrument That Provides Means of Comparing Patient’s Pain Magnitude With a Measurement of Their Pain Tolerance

Exploring Genetic Susceptibility to Fibromyalgia

News Articles

Blood Test Identifies Women Prone to Migraine

New Wearable Devices for Chronic Pain

Study: Many Patients Don’t Tell Their Doctors They Use Acupuncture and Chiropractic for Pain

Research: Children’s Headaches Spike During Back To School Season

Can Alcohol Help Treat Chronic Pain?


Prescription for Disaster

Parenting With Chronic Pain

My Smartphone Gave Me a Painful Neurological Condition

The Pain Medication Conundrum

TED Talks: The Mystery of Chronic Pain

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