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Dear Colleagues:

Welcome to the June edition of Psychiatry 2010. In this month’s Trend Watch, we explore the accelerated penetration of generic antidepressants in the United States market following the availability of generic citalopram and sertraline. It is interesting to note that from January 2004 to January 2010 psychiatrists have maintained a slightly lower mix of generic prescriptions than other specialists.

Next, Sansone and Sansone explore excessive tanning. While some degree of tanning is considered normal behavior in Western Caucasian populations, it seems about one quarter of regular sunbathers practice what might be considered excessive or pathological tanning. The authors discuss possible psychopathological explanations for this type of behavior as well as potential interventions.

Following this, Yanofski provides an insightful review on the practice of concurrently prescribing stimulants and antipsychotic medications, particularly for treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and aggressive disorder. The author reviews the dopamine pathways and receptors of both classes of medication. In addition to efficacy of concurrent use, the author examines the risk of adverse reactions. Complex dopamine mechanisms and general treatment guidelines for stimulant-antipsychotic concurrent use are also discussed.

Next, Moturi and Avid review and discuss a few pertinent conditions of sleep disorders in children and adolescents. The authors examine the literature and provide clinically useful approaches to sleep complaints and both pharmacological and nonpharmacological treatments of some common pediatric sleep disorders.

In this month’s Psychotherapy Rounds, Foley and Gentile, through use of a clinical vignette, illustrate various aspects of nonverbal communication that may occur within the setting of psychotherapy. Being aware of these unspoken subtleties can offer a psychiatrist valuable information that a patient may be unwilling or unable to put into words.

And finally we wrap up the issue with several interesting columns. First, we are pleased to launch our new column, “I’m a Psychiatrist,” with an interview of noted psychiatrist, humanist, and philanthropist, Dr. Assad Meymandi. We think you will enjoy getting to know him as much as we have. Next, Harvey et al provide an update on the MATRICS Consensus Cognitive Battery for use in schizophrenia treatment studies. And finally, we are pleased to spotlight the Guangzhou Psychiatric Hospital, the oldest psychiatric hospital in China, as part of our Psychiatric Clinics from Around the World column.

Amir Kalali, MD
Editor, Psychiatry 2010

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