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This week’s topic: Discoveries in Neurodegenerative Diseases

5 Journal Articles

Pathogenesis and progression of multiple sclerosis: the role of arachidonic acid-mediated neuroinflammation

Down-regulation of MiR-9* in the peripheral leukocytes of Huntington’s disease patients

The mirror neurons network in aging, mild cognitive impairment, and Alzheimer’s disease: a functional MRI study

Posterior atrophy predicts time to dementia in patients with amyloid-positive mild cognitive impairment

Cografting astrocytes improves cell therapeutic outcomes in a Parkinson’s disease model

5 News Articles

MS breakthrough: a new potential pathway to repair multiple-sclerosis-damaged nerves discovered

Antidepressant might help combat the course of multiple sclerosis

The relationship between gut bacteria and multiple sclerosis

Discovery of new protein shape could impact cancer and neurodegenerative disease therapies

Huntington’s breakthrough might stop disease

5 Editor’s Picks

Taurine lends hand to repair cells damaged in multiple sclerosis

Healthy diet linked to reduced multiple sclerosis disability

Primary progressive multiple sclerosis: putting together the puzzle

Patterns of progressive atrophy vary with age in Alzheimer’s disease patients

Journal Watch in the field of multiple sclerosis