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Brain_vs_AIThis week’s topic: Human Brain vs. Artificial Intelligence

Journal Articles

Consciousness: A Neural Capacity for Objectivity, Especially Pronounced in Humans

Restructuring Consciousness—the Psychedelic State in Light of Integrated Information Theory

To Cooperate or Not to Cooperate: Why Behavioural Mechanisms Matter

Cognition from Life—the Two Modes of Cognition that Underlie Moral Behavior

The Architecture of Cognitive Control in the Human Prefrontal Cortex

News Articles

AI vs. Human Intelligence: Why Computers Will Never Create Disruptive Innovations

Artificial Intelligence VS. Physics: AI Technology to Replace Physicists After Recreating 2001 Nobel Prize Experiment Bose-Einstein Condensate?

How to Be Good: Why You Can’t Teach Human Values to Artificial Intelligence

Humans versus Robots: How a Google Computer Beat a World Champion at This Board Game and What it Means for the Future

Google’s Artificial Intelligence Writes Miserable Poetry


There’s No Such Thing as Free Will but We’re Better Off Believing in it Anyway

What is Life?

Human Brain vs. Artificial Intelligence: How Neuroscientists Explain the Mind-Clearing Magic of Running

Why Do We Feel Awe?

Will Artificial Intelligence Surpass Our Own?

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