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This week’s topic: Neurological Disorders

5 Journal Articles

Disease Modifying Treatments and Symptomatic Drugs for Cognitive Impairment in Multiple Sclerosis: Where Do We Stand?

Inventory of Real World Data Sources in Parkinson’s Disease

Effect of Exercising at Minimum Recommendations of the Multiple Sclerosis Exercise Guideline Combined with Structured Education or Attention Control Education—Secondary Results of the Step It Up Randomized Controlled Trial

Ocrelizumab Versus Placebo in Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis

Expanding Role of T Cells in Human Autoimmune Diseases of the Central Nervous System

5 News Articles

Advanced Practice Providers Treat Significantly More of Their Multiple Sclerosis Patients with Monoclonal Antibody Disease-Modifying Therapies Compared to Neurologists in the United States

Study: Parkinson’s Disease Progression Can Be Slowed with Vigorous Exercise

Restless Sleep Might Be an Early Sign of Parkinson’s Disease

California Resident Gets Life-Changing Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis in Russia

New Gene Therapy Could Regenerate Brain Tissue, Fix Neurological Diseases

5 Editor’s Picks

Highlights from the 142nd Annual Meeting of the American Neurological Association

Journal Watch on Noteworthy Research in Multiple Sclerosis

ALS Patients’ Lung-function Decline Scores Can Predict Breathing Failure, Study Reports

Closing in on Pathways Involved in ALS Disease

Conference Examines Role of Music in Treating Neurological Disorders