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This Week’s Topic: Death, Dying, and Grief

Journal Articles

Near-Death Experiences and Psychotherapy

“Helping the Angels:” A Review of Understanding and Helping Dying Children

Physician Grief with Patient Death

The Bereavement Exclusion and DSM-5: An Update and Commentary

Unexpected Death or Suicide by a Child or Adolescent: Improving Responses and Preparedness of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Trainees

News Articles

New Medical Students Ponder Life-and-Death Questions

Hospice Use Linked to Fewer Depressive Symptoms for Surviving Spouses

Who Your Doctor is Could Dictate How You’re Cared For at End of Life

More Women Than Men Used “Death With Dignity” In Washington Last Year

Study: Near-death Brain Signaling Accelerates Demise of the Heart


Talking About Death—When Do We Begin?

What Doctors Don’t Learn About Death and Dying

When Death Is a Fascination

Five Moving, Beautiful Essays About Death and Dying

What the End of the Universe Can Teach Us About Dying

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