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This Week’s Topic: Children and Sleep

Journal Articles

Novel Mechanisms, Treatments, and Outcome Measures in Childhood Sleep

Sleepwalking and Sleep Terrors in Prepubertal Children: What Triggers Them?

Insomnia and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in Pediatrics: A Checklist for Parents

Cognitive Dysfunction in Adolescents with Chronic Fatigue: A Cross-sectional Study

The Association between Asthma and Sleep in Urban Adolescents with Undiagnosed Asthma

News Articles

Snoring Children May Suffer from Poor Grades

Study: Most Teens Start School too Early in Morning to Get Enough Sleep

Poor Sleep Could Help Explain How Stress Affects Health in Children

Correlation Between Sleep Loss and Mental Health Problems in Children

Light from Smartphones, Tablets May Lower Sleep Hormone in Kids


Exactly How Much Sleep Is “Enough?”

Nine Fascinating Facts About the Science of Sleep

The Walking Dead

Where Children Sleep: A Diverse World of Homes

TED Talk: Russell Foster—Why Do We Sleep?

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