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This Week’s Topic: Epigenetics

Journal Articles

Epigenetic Changes in the Developing Brain: Effects on Behavior

Stress and the Dynamic Genome: Steroids, Epigenetics, and the Transposome

Heading Off Depressive Illness Evolution and Progression to Treatment Resistance

Metaphors in Search of a Target: the Curious Case of Epigenetics

Prenatal Programming of Mental Illness: Current Understanding of Relationship and Mechanisms

News Articles

Paradigm Shift in Treatment of Addiction Holds Promise, Thanks to Epigenetics

New Methodology Tracks Changes in DNA Methylation in Real Time at Single-Cell Resolution

Epigenetic Variation Predicts Post-natal Depression

Gene may predict PTSD severity, abnormal brain functions related to emotions, coping

Early Research Points to Autism-Microbiome Link


What Technology Can’t Change About Happiness

Why Jewish Anxiety Is No Laughing Matter

The Scientist Who Chose Love

The Science of Mind: A 21st Century Perspective

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