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This Week’s Topic: Treatment Paradigm Shifts in CNS

Dr. Pani: “Medicine is dead. Biology is dead.”

Dr. Tucson: “What’s alive?”

Dr. Pani: “Information…DNA is Information…DNA teaches us that if we never made mistakes we would still be bacteria.”

–Reed Tucson interviewing Luca Pani, CNS Summit 2015, Boca Raton, Florida

Journal Articles

Targeting the Schizophrenia Genome: A Fast Track Strategy from GWAS to Clinic

Zebrafish as an Emerging Model for Studying Complex Brain Disorders

Gene Therapy in Parkinson’s Disease: Targeting the Endplasmic Reticulum Proteostasis Network

Disruption of mGluR5 in Parvalbumin-positive Interneurons Induces Core Features of Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Ketamine and Other N-methyl-D-aspartate Receptor Antagonists in the Treatment of Depression: A Perspective Review

News Articles

Multi-million-dollar Deal brings UQ Pain Drug Closer to Reality

Drug that Boosts Nerve Signals Offers Hope for Multiple Sclerosis

Bionomics Reports Positive Data from Phase 1 Multiple Ascending Dose Trial of BNC210 for Anxiety and Depression

Pioneering Research Leads to Drug Break-through

Naurex’s First Orally Active Molecule, NRX-1074, Demonstrates Statistically Significant Improvement in Depression Scores within 24 Hours in Phase 2 Study for Major Depressive Disorder

Wild cards

The Deception that Lurks in Our Data-driven World

How Brainless Slime Molds Redefine Intelligence [Video]

Solar and Wind Just Passed Another Big Turning Point

Why You Shouldn’t be Surprised that Prisoners Crushed Harvard’s Debate Team

20 New Antidepressants In The Pipeline (2015): Drugs In Clinical Trials

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