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This Week’s Topic: Duplicate Subjects in Clinical Trials

Journal Articles

CNS Sites Cooperate to Detect Duplicate Subjects with a Clinical Trial Subject Registry

Failure Rate and “Professional Subjects” in Clinical Trials of Major Depressive Disorder

Subversive Subjects: Rule-Breaking and Deception in Clinical Trials

“You Can’t Kid a Kidder:” Association Between Production and Detection of Deception in an Interactive Deception Task

Participants’ Responsibilities in Clinical Research

News Articles

Verified Clinical Trials and CTS Database Collaborate To Offer Sponsors Largest Research Subject Database Registry To Prevent Duplicate Enrollment In Clinical Trials

Reducing Rule-breaking in Clinical Trials

CTSdatabase and IRB Company Successfully Collaborate to Provide Expedited Review of Subject Registry Authorizations for Prescreening Sites

A Web-centric Model Gauges Attempted Dual Enrollment by Study Volunteers

Professional Patients and Deception in Clinical Research Trials


Just Another Lab Rat

Promoting Research Subject Compliance: Six Tips for Investigators

Tips from the CIA for Detecting Lies

When Your Occupation Becomes “Professional Patient”

The Life of a Professional Guinea Pig

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