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This Week’s Topic: Autism Spectrum Disorder

Journal Articles

Association Between Antidepressants Use During Pregnancy and Autistic Spectrum Disorders: A Meta-analysis

Autism Spectrum Disorder Reclassified: A Second Look at the 1980s Utah/UCLA Autism Epidemiologic Study

Autism Spectrum Disorder: Defining Dimensions and Subgroups

Administration of Thimerosal-containing Vaccines to Infant Rhesus Macaques Does Not Result in Autism-like Behavior or Neuropathology

Viewpoints on Factors for Successful Employment for Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder

News Articles

DSM-5 Says Goodbye To Asperger’s Syndrome

“Love Hormone” Nasal Spray Promising in Autism

Genetic Variation Explains Why Potential Autism Treatment Doesn’t Always Work

Some Children Do Outgrow Autism, But It’s Not What You Think

Old-school and Current Vaccines Have No Link to Autism (Again), Study Says


Letting Go of Asperger’s

Before Autism Had a Name

The One Thing About Autism the Media Didn’t Talk About, Until Now

Why It’s So Difficult to Diagnose Autism in Girls

Myths about Autism and Vaccine Spacing

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