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This week’s topic: Rapid-acting Antidepressants

Journal Articles

Potential of Glutamate-Based Drug Discovery for Next Generation Antidepressants

Treatment-Resistant Major Depression: Rationale for NMDA Receptors as Targets and Nitrous Oxide as Therapy

Neurobiology of Stress, Depression, and Rapid Acting Antidepressants: Remodeling Synaptic Connections

Circadian Dysregulation of Clock Genes: Clues to Rapid Treatments in Major Depressive Disorder

Ketamine and Other N-methyl-D-aspartate Receptor Antagonists in the Treatment of Depression: A Perspective Review

News Articles

Scientists Seek Fast-acting Antidepressant, from Ketamine to Laughing Gas

Five New NMDA Receptor (Glutamate) Modulators For Depression

Rapastinel: A Novel Approach to Depression?

The Search for a “Safer” Ketamine

Novel Route for Ketamine in the Treatment of MDD


20 New Antidepressants In The Pipeline (2015): Drugs In Clinical Trials

Depression: My Story About the Power of Medication

Why We’ve Probably Overestimated the Benefits of Psychotherapy for Depression

The Mental Illness Drunk Tank

Ketamine: Life Saver or Club Drug?


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