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This week’s topic: Neuroethics

Journal Articles

Neuroethics: A Modern Context for Ethics in Neuroscience

Brain Matters: From Environmental Ethics to Environmental Neuroethics

The Is and Ought of the Ethics of Neuroenhancement: Mind the Gap

Minds, Motherboards, and Money: Futurism and Realism in the Neuroethics of BCI Technologies

Neurogenethics: An Emerging Discipline at the Intersection of Ethics, Neuroscience, and Genomics

News Articles

Did Google’s NHS Patient Data Deal Need Ethical Approval?

Doctor’s Plan for Full-Body Transplants Raises Doubts Even in Daring China

NIH BRAIN Funding for Neuroethics Research

We May Not Like It, but There Are Ethical Reasons to Use Animals in Medical Research

No New Neuroscience Without Neuroethics


The Neuroweapons Threat

Selfishness is Learned

The Next Manhattan Project

If You Could Take a Pill to Improve Your Creativity, Would You?

If Trauma Victims Forget, What Is Lost to Society?

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