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This week’s topic: Medical Marijuana in Neuroscience

Journal Articles

Systematic Review: Efficacy and Safety of Medical Marijuana in Selected Neurologic Disorders

Medical Marijuana for Epilepsy?

The Use of Medicinal Marijuana for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: A Review of the Current Literature

Prescribing Marijuana for Chronic Pain

Why Not Pot? A Review of the Brain-based Risks of Cannabis

News Articles

Medical Marijuana Reduces Use of Opioid Pain Meds, Decreases Risk for Some with Chronic Pain

Jim McMahon, Leonard Marshall Say Marijuana Can Help NFL Players

Here’s What Cannabis is Doing for Epilepsy

Veterans Explore Benefits of Using Medical Marijuana for Treating PTSD

DEA Approves First Trial of Medical Marijuana for PTSD


Enough With the Pot Leaves. Marijuana Branding Needs a Makeover.

A New Crop of Marijuana Geneticists Sets Out to Build Better Weed

Medical Marijuana: It’s Kosher

Neuroscience of Marijuana Munchies

20 Things You Didn’t Know About … Marijuana

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