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Welcome to The Neuroscience Report where each week we will highlight a specific topic in neuroscience and provide you with links to 5 journal articles, 5 news articles, and 5 wildcard picks. Brought to you by Innovations in Clinical Neuroscience—your source for peer-reviewed, evidence-based information.


This week’s topic: What’s Hot in Neuroimaging?

Journal Articles

How Can Neuroimaging Facilitate the Diagnosis and Stratification of Patients with Psychosis?

Functional Neuroimaging of Traumatic Brain Injury: Advances and Clinical Utility

MRI Evaluation and Safety in the Developing Brain

Emerging Clinical Applications of Computed Tomography

Magnetoencephalography in Stroke Recovery and Rehabilitation

New Articles

A Bug in fMRI Software Could Invalidate 15 Years of Brain Research

Don’t Be So Quick to Flush 15 Years of Brain Scan Studies

Scientists Have a More Precise Way to Measure Your Brain

Human Connectome Project Marks Its First Phase

Big Data” Study Discovers Earliest Sign of Alzheimer’s Development


The Secret Life of the Brain: Scanning the Brain 

Neurotechnology Could Lead to Thought-Controlled Devices

Big Question: Can My Brain Get Too Full?

Looking for Creativity in Brains Will Take More Creativity

Could Neuroscience Explain What Trump Voters Are Thinking?

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