Starting with the January 2011 issue (Volume 8, Number 1), Psychiatry 2010 will now be called Innovations in Clinical Neuroscience. We believe this title better reflects the journal’s content, while addressing the shifting trends of the CNS market. This recognition of the current market through the title change and broadening content will allow the journal to continue to grow and fulfill its mission to be a leading, peer-reviewed journal that bridges the gap between CNS research and practicing clinicians in the trenches. Access to the content of the journal via the website and the e-Edition will continue to be offered for free to ALL subscribers.

The field of psychiatry will remain a core focus of the journal, but we will continue to expand our dissemination of peer-reviewed, evidence-based information to incorporate more neurology, pain, Alzheimer’s and dementia, and other CNS-related fields.

The content of Psychiatry 2010, indexed as Psychiatry (Edgemont), will continue to be available on the website and via our indexing services, including PubMed. In fact, by year’s end, we hope to have Psychiatry content all the way back to the very first issue of the journal in July of 2004 available on PubMed Central. Starting in January 2011, the journal will be searchable on PubMed by both titles, with 2004–2010 content searchable under Psychiatry (Edgemont) and 2011 content searchable under Innovations in Clinical Neuroscience. The content for both titles, however, will be housed electronically under the same url via PubMed Central, and you will access the content just like you do now.

We are very excited about this change. Please share this news with your colleagues and remind them that registration and access to the journal are free. Please continue to visit the website for updates and to register. We hope you share in our excitement. As always, we welcome your feedback.