Performance, Reliability, Usability, and Safety of the ID-Cap System for Ingestion Event Monitoring in Healthy Volunteers: A Pilot Study

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baumgartner_sep_oct_2016_artby Glen P. Flores, PhD; Brian Peace, BS; Tony C. Carnes, PhD; Susan L. Baumgartner, PharmD, MBA; D. Eric Buffkin, Jr., MBA; Neil R. Euliano, PhD; and Larry N. Smith, MD, FACS
Drs. Flores, Carnes, Euliano, Mr. Peace, and Mr. Buffkin are with etectRx, Inc. in Newberry, Florida; and Drs. Baumgartner and Smith are from Gainesville, Florida.

Innov Clin Neurosci. 2016;13(9–10):12–19

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